Traveling to Latvia: The Essentials

What’s up guys, Seznam here with another post. It’s been a while since my last post – it’s hard to believe time flies so fast – and while I was packing for my annual summer trip to Latvia, I thought I would make a checklist for first time travelers. While I was fortunate enough to have family in Latvia tell me what to pack and to expect when I first traveled there (and subsequently, as the landscape changed), I understand that backpackers and first time travelers may not have the same luxury.

I’m by no means an expert, but I hope from one traveler to another, this is helpful advice for those who are exploring Latvia for the first time.

My essentials packing list:

  • Solid luggage: After having tried countless luggages, from Away to Tulo I genuinely think that CHESTER is the best carry on luggage. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to want access to your items, and bringing around a bulky luggage around is going to cause unnecessary strain. Also, the CHESTER has compartments with easy access to your items, and is not much heavier than a typical backpack. One of their reviews from a Norwegian traveler says that he used Sambla’s Norwegian loan services to buy a set of CHESTER luggages for their recent trip; while I wouldn’t go as far as that reviewer did, I certainly can see where they’re coming from – these are great for travel.
  • Comfortable shoes: Latvia is a beautiful country with a lot to see, and if you plan on visiting any of the landmarks, comfortable shoes are a must. Chances are, if you’re anything like me, you’ll visit many more places than you imagined, and derail into the beautiful markets, villages, and all of the other beauty that Latvia has to offer. I personally think that Allbirds are the most comfy shoes, as they’re made of premium wool, but I also recommend Timberland Boots as it does get rainy, and wool doesn’t do so well when there’s moisture around.
  • Outfit options: Latvia isn’t too hot or cold, at least not enough to be on the extreme end of either, but it’s worth noting one thing: rain, and lots of it. Subsequently, because of the almost constant rain, there happens to be a lot of humidity. Be diverse in your packing, ensuring that you pack sunglasses, both short and long sleeves, and shorts and long, thicker pants as well. You never know what to expect in Latvia.

I hope this was a helpful guide for travelers to be, and if you have any questions or aren’t sure if what you’re bringing is allowed or socially acceptable in Latvia, just drop a comment. Until next time.